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Default World of Warcraft sucks

Firstly I Love WoW! I’m 18, have a GF, love to go clubbing and drinking with mates and work 5 days a week. In my little spare time I find nothing better than to lie on my sofa and play WoW. I find it relaxing, and I just love the game in general.

A friend of mine reckons its "sucks". He is constantly going on about it being a waste of time, and that I should get a hobby. TBH, what is a hobby? Something you do in your spare time to take your mind off the pressure and stress of everyday life? WoW? ......

I think that the stereotypical WoW player in most people's view is some 50yr old overweight computer programmer who is most probably still a virgin. Not at all a bleak out-look?

Why do people categorize everything and everyone? I’m hardly fat! Gym everyday and weight what does that make me? An abnormal WoW player?

I'm not going to lie, I'm terrible at computers. I quite happily built my current PC, and can install programs and such, but ask me to do anything else I’m lost! The most complicated thing I can do on a PC is probably run an AVG Scan.

So why is there this narrow view on the WoW world..? This seems to be extending to all MMORPG’s. Oh, you buy an X-Box 360 and play a racing game you’re a proper BLOKE! Jack the Lad! You buy WoW, you’re a geek?

Here is a few points that are listed on a website that a anti – WoW friend proposed I read carefully:

You can never say: I’ve won. WoW never stops, it’s a fact that there’s not an ending.

Oh? So because Blizzard made this game never-ending, so that there was always room for improvements with the constant patches, updates, new items, quests etc its not worth playing? You would rather have a game that lasts a few days, and you through in the bin?

The real game starts at lvl 60. You can get to lvl 60 in about 3-4 months: $ 49.99 (box) + $ 41.97 (3 months fee) = $ 91.96. Isn’t it too much to start playing?

Obviously the person never played the game! And why talk about money? Who’s paying the gaming subscription?

Servers are full of lamers.

Again, taking the view of the whole WoW society and categorizing them. Slightly associated with racism?

WoW not only steals your money, it steals your time. Want to be a good and respected player on your server? Prepare not to sleep for months and months.

I play WoW now and again depending on work. Sometimes I’ll have a few hours, other times a few minutes, even if its to check mail / AH or even say hello to guildies.

It’s not about your free time, it’s about your life: the more you play WoW the less you can live your life.

Who’s life is it to waste?

Sorry for the rant. It’s just that over the past few years since I have been playing people are always saying how pants the game is, it ruins your life, its addictive, blah blah blah.

I’d rather be playing WoW than taking drugs or beating random people up outside pubs in a state of intoxication. For me it’s a hobby, and I love it, and if you don’t, why go on about it!

As the great Oscar Wilde once said “Muff Off!”

Edit: Thought you may be interested in this: *MALICIOUS LINK REMOVED*

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Default Re: World of Warcraft sucks

Everyone's entitled to their opinions, and we all know where this person's opinion is headed.....

In retrospect, he/she can keep that opinion, and embrace it, since it's their's to embrace. But how dare they try and make me believe that everyone is as anal as they are when it comes to categorizing people into groups. You were right to mention bigotry, as that's exactly what this person was doing.

It's ok though. As I've said, he/she has their opinion. And now I'll give mine. I think that they can kiss any help goodbye, should they start playing, aside from help getting into the enemy's camp, just in time for me to have to hearth back to town because my raid's about to begin.

Is that too cold to do to someone?

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Default Re: World of Warcraft sucks

This guy was all bullcrap. He probably copy pasted that post from somewhere. He added the link at the bottom which contains malicious software...

Banned... thanks for stopping by...
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Default Re: World of Warcraft sucks

Hrmmm, its too bad about the malicious software thing.....

But onto the content of the post, which i think some information can be derived; People simply enjoy artificially classifying things, people, places and trends such that it fits into their current world view (no matter how emotionally motivated and illogically supported).

The thing about WoW is that it IS a collossal waste of time; but so is every other pursuit/hobby of which entertainment is the primary reason for engaging in. Entertainment on the whole is a complete waste of time.

But there is a sliding scale and at one end are entertainment pursuits of which NO information, skills or intelligence can be extracted from (think Paris Hilton/Nicole Richie/Reality TV) and on the other end are pursuits which, while entertaining, at least provide some means for the individual to progress, to evolve. WoW has some of these "progressive" attributes; it teaches time management, group co-ordination, teamwork, specialization, timing, hand/eye coordination, strategy and financial management....among others.

So in the grand scheme of things WoW really isnt all THAT much of a waste of time in comparisons to most other forms of entertainment.
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Default Re: World of Warcraft sucks

How many people sit in front of the TV for 5+ hours a day? LOL.

There's a guy at work who always bashes online gaming... then he goes on about this sitcom, that sitcom, this reality show, etc... etc...

I bet he watches TV at least 4 hours a day, most likely more.

At least WoW is 'interactive' and makes you think sometimes. TV is just pure emotion, nothing else really there... Cry, laugh, cheer, yell - whatever.

It's something special when a movie 'makes you think' - isn't it?

Well, I've been gaming for years - 5+ years of Everquest, and now into WoW - and the game makes me think constantly.

Plus - if one compares it on a monetary basis - WoW's monthly fee is cheaper than *any* movie channel - if you rent more than 3 movies a month, you're paying more than I would for WoW - and getting less entertainment time out of it. Heck, I can blow 3 times that at a bar in one night - quite easily. I can blow 4+ times that going to a single movie...

Now, let's see - I have a hobby where I interact with people, have to read and type, research things, figure out things, and for all intents and purposes - is cheaper than just about any other hobby...

Again.. how is that bad? Given - one shouldn't spend every waking minute playing, but to fill free time... hmm
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Default Re: World of Warcraft sucks

You'd be very surprised the variety of people who play this gaMe.

I, ike you, put my social life before WoW, I play WoW to relax. For example, I am VERY hungover right now and am about to go play Wow for a couple of hours and just "zombie out". It is a means to relaxation.

Then on the other end of the scale you get the folks who are utterly addicted. They abandon their social lives, hygene, fitness, a functional life in general goes flying out the window. I know of this, it happened to a close friend of mine once. He would never come outside, and even when he did he became easily uncomfortable around his closest friends, which is not healthy.

But, getting to the point, the stereotype of people who play games (MMO's in particular) are greasy fat middle aged men. I know a dozen people IRL who play WoW and are some of the coolest dudes you'd meet. Stereotypes are a bad way to judge a character, and people who have an opinion on you playing WoW are opinions not worth having.

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Default Re: World of Warcraft sucks

you should try to play wow and enjoy spare time but not be controled by the game. good luck
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Default Re: World of Warcraft sucks

it is not a good thing to be slaved by anything
especially you own sentimental
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