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Default Do you host trash movies?


I recently uploaded a movie of mine, it took me a few days to make and I'm proud of my effort with it.

I looked at another thread and it said how long I'd have to wait for my movie to go up, which is fine, I suspect that perhaps you get your movie looked at quicker if you donate, but I digress...

My question is, if somebody has uploaded to you a 5 second trash movie of a troll standing in durotar saying "lol" will you still host that rubbish? or do you delete trash movies and not host them.

Basically I'm asking "do you host everything you are sent?"


p.s I'd like to compliment you on your site, so much more user friendly than other movie sites.

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Default Re: Do you host trash movies? long the movie doesnt breaks any rules we upload it, i think. Lets ask a pro for the answer.
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Default Re: Do you host trash movies?

We upload most stuff. Something 5 seconds long and trash probably won't get uploaded.

I'd suggest just putting something like that on youtube or google.
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