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Default Is World of Warcraft coming to an end?

Hi, since Cataclysm I have become rather bored with the game...I dont know why...I just suddenly got a lack of interest for the game so I dont play it anymore. Also it seems like alot of people are finding WoW old, boring and repetative. Also Rift is on it's way and it appears to be getting alot of attention. So, has WoW lost it's magic? Do you think more and more people are going to leave for another game? Or do you think that it's just me that feels this way
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Default Re: Is World of Warcraft coming to an end?

WoW isn't going anywhere for a long, long time
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Default Re: Is World of Warcraft coming to an end?

The same discussion was going on after Warhammer started getting attention. Quite frankly, it is hard for Rift to meet the expectations of players who play WoW. WoW is polished, updates come quickly, and the economy is amazing.

A new game usually isn't polished and most people don't have the patience to wait for them to get fixed. There are usually a lot of design flaws that become game killers. Most new games lack a strong economy or tradeskill system and the developers don't have the man power to put out updates fast enough to please the game base. They also release far too earlier because they don't have the money to spend an extra year or two on it to make it better.
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