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Talking Re: This is the best build I have used:

what whould i put my skills in if i was making a summon destruction warlock
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Default Re: Talent Tree

If you want to own in BG's and pvp the go demonology, im specced at 9/31/0 atm and don't plan on changing. I am first place in the BG's all the time and its funny when 2 people try to get the jump on me. 2 warrs tried to gang bang me in WSG and i beat them both. Next time i ran into them they ran away from me. I would only go down desrtuction for end game. Improved casting time and improved shadowbolt plus ruin would probaly be more beneficial then being able to sac a void then insta summon and soul link it right away.
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Bad Ash
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Default Re: Talent Tree

Once you go DS/Ruin you never go back. I for one hate down time, and having to pop a squat after every couple fights to drink and spending an arm and a leg for water when no mages are available really chaps my ass.

Fel Stamina = ~160 hps regen every 4 seconds with about 5k hps, with improved lifetap you can alternate shadowbolt, shadowbolt, lifetap for hours and never run out of mana. When I am soloing or farming I just lifetap twice between each kill while I am running to the next mob and I never have to stop. With the Destruction Tree you have the mega damage output which makes kills much faster and without the downtime usually associated with large burst damage. Also most of the time you can just stand there and take a beating while your DoTs and nukes tear up the mob, and still come out ready to go again.

The one real bummer about this build is you have to waste so many points in Demonology to improve pets that you will never use, but DS is worth it. If you are on a raid and have plenty of mage water available you could sac a succubus instead for a 15% dmg boost to shadow and watch the 2500+ shadow bolt crits fly. Unfortunatly saccing an imp is pretty useless as shadow bolt becomes your weapon of choice, and sacing a felhunter is even more so since you get TONS more mana from lifetapping away your hit points.

So in short, go 7, 21, 23 and start loving life.
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Default Re: Talent Tree

i got Destruction up to Ruin, which is amazing, and the rest in affliction. dont play my lock 2 terribly much but it seems to work out pretty well PvP and PvE
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