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Default Back again.


Dunno if anybody remembers me, but I was here since back in the wowstrat (used to be JoeAlmighty) days!

Sorry I left been busy and quit wow, but back on wow

I used to love this place, had a great community

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Collateral Damage
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Default Re: Back again.

Hello Joe!! Welcome back!!

I'd like to say, on behalf of all of Azzor, that we're happy to have you. We've all also been very busy lately with other projects, which is why this little oasis has taken a hiatus. We're trying to bring new content into the site, to liven it up some, but for that we need people and their content.

If you'd be interested in bringing us some content, let either myself or any of the other mods know, so that we can see if anything can be worked out. That is, of course, if you're interested..

Feel free to let me know anytime. And once again, WELCOME BACK!!!!

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