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Team Recruiting Place to advertise your skills in editing, voice acting, or other areas essential to machinima creation. Also available for teams to ask for recruits on their projects.

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Fata Morgana
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Default Re: Movie making guilds

I have made the commercial for the Horde in the Azeroth AD Contest
(Join the Horde: Class Switch)
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Default Re: Movie making guilds

Nice films! Erunno, really great editing! The subtitles work ok but voices of course would have made the characters come alive more, and would have done justice to the funny dialouge. Guess a hard part though is to find good voice actors or? I am currently using the emote sounds, which works since my film doesnt have much dialoge.
Nice tutorial by the way, I downloaded modelviewer, much fun have to get Vegas also, using windows movie maker at the moment..
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