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Team Recruiting Place to advertise your skills in editing, voice acting, or other areas essential to machinima creation. Also available for teams to ask for recruits on their projects.

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Default Read This Before Posting

The purpose of this forum is to connect people who are interested in creating machinima. Production of high-quality machinima films is a very time consuming process, and generally required the work of several people.

Finding others dedicated to such work can be difficult, so we here at WarcraftCinema are going to bring those types of people together in a common community. This forum aims to accomplish that.

Both people willing to join a project, or those trying to find recruits for a project are encouraged to post on this forum. If you are advertising your skills, please be specific on your experience, available time, and talents. If you are looking for help, please be specific on the details of your project and exactly what you are looking for.

Finally, please help spread the word about this forum. The more people who know about it (and use it!), the more of a community resource this can become.

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