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Default Hybrid Druid PvP Video

So I made a video of some druid pvp... It is about one hour long and broken into two files so it isn't a huge deal to download. Each file runs about 30 minutes and 200mb.

I tried to focus on a more hybrid aspect of druid pvp, and not go feral, balance, or restoration, but instead a mix of all of them. About 10 hours of editing later I had it finished, along with plenty of hassle from filefront.

Any suggestions and comments are welcome, as this is my first video. Sorry about the low resolution, but you can blame fraps for that. I made a few editing mistakes here and there, in the second video in the warsong fight you might notice it speed up and then go back a few frames and the sound might be strange, but it should be good other than that.

Some of the fights on the videos:

Three Warsong Gulch matches
60 rogue
60 paladin
60 mage
and quite a few more

Part 1 of 2:;3904196;;/fileinfo.html

Part 2 of 2:;3905887;;/fileinfo.html

EDIT: The videos require that you have divx codec installed

My talent build:

Balance Talents (10 points)

Nature's Grasp - 1/1 point
Improved Nature's Grasp - 4/4 points
Nature's Reach - 2/2 points
Swiftshifting - 3/3 points

Feral Combat Talents (25 points)

Ferocity - 5/5 points
Improved Bash - 2/2 points
Sharpened Claws - 5/5 points
Feral Charge - 1/1 point
Blood Frenzy - 5/5 points
Improved Prowl - 3/5 points
Improved Shred - 2/2 points
Faerie Fire (Cat) - 1/1 point
Feline Swiftness - 1/1 point

Restoration Talents (16 points)

Furor - 5/5 points
Improved Healing Touch - 5/5 points
Gift of Nature - 1/1 point
Intensity - 5/5 points

UI Mods:
Scrolling Combat Text
Gypsy Buff Bar
Weapon Quickswap
Honorkill Counter
CTF Flag

Please post comments here or in the original thread at
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Default Re: Hybrid Druid PvP Video

Dude I watched your clips and you only further prove that the Druid just PWNS the rest of the classes with extreme prejidice with no remorse. I loved it.
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Default Re: Hybrid Druid PvP Video

Jesus, Azoth. That's amazing.. I just watched the first of the two, and am almost done dl'ing the second as a speak.
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