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Default Zoomania app.

Zoomania was unable to post in the forums and I offered to help him out. I was in the TOGC 10 with him tonight and was very impressive. After the raid we talked for a bit and he has a good attitude for the guild. He gets my nod....but we all know how much that is worth.

1. Why Calzowned?
SSMMAASSHH and Villan have pulled me into several runs and I have have been happy with the people in the groups. In addition I am looking for a 25 ICC that fits schedule and is with people I know.

2. What are you hoping to get out of WOW?
Wow is a way to relax after work and a chance to chill with cool people

3. What are you hoping to get out of a guild?
A fun group of people that are trying new content and trying to progress

4. How many hours per week to you normally play, and what nights?
about 30 and almost every night to atleast do randoms and CD's

5. What is your character's role in raids?
Resto Druid so I heal I also have a so so boomkin off set

6. What is your raid experience?
I have been raiding since BC and have completed 7 of 12 ICC in 10's and 25's

7. What is your feeling on pvp?
I enjoy it but do not spand a ton of time doing it

8. How old are you?

9. How good is your comedy?
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Default Re: Zoomania app.

I like how the "How good is your comedy?" question that I added to my app, as a joke, is in this app too
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Default Re: Zoomania app.

yes i does know zoo - he is a good resto drood. he is a healer for our 10's and a RL friend of mine.
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Default Re: Zoomania app.

Solid performance in 25's last night, nice work
Nascosto - Calzowned Raid Leader and MT.
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