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^ which is exactly why i wont be it for a while
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Mage is the most independent in my opinion. They've got a huge array of utility, good crowd control, good damage, and the ability to make themselves food and water. I don't think any class can solo like a Mage, despite what people may have said about Warlocks in the past.

no,that would suck.i want to be a loner.
The good items come from instances, and most of them are Bind on Equip. Unless you plan to never go into an instance, you will group, and because instances are such good exp/loot, I have a feeling the benefits of being social will outweigh the percieved benefits of being a loner pretty quickly.
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Cid Highwind
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Thank You! thats exactly what Ive been trying to say since the beginning. Any good MMORPG has to have good player relations or it would suck Thats means Blizzard of course is going to do the same thing doesnt it?
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