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Default Issue with forum cookies fixed

Earlier today, we spotted an issue with cookies that resulted in you having to login every time you wanted to go to a different zone of Azzor. This issue also prevented you from logging out via any means short of deleting all cookies set by Azzor.

After journeying through the bowels of Azzor (and alerting everyone's favorite admins, Dalgar and Volon), the issue has been fixed. As a result, a few things could happen to you:

1. You might be randomly logged out. Solution: Login again and enjoy Azzor.

2. You might want to logout, but you can't. Solution: You are still using the old cookies. Unfortunately, the only way to fix this is to delete cookies from all the domains. This list includes:, www,,,,,, and simply If you have never been to a section of the site, you don't need to worry, because there will not be any cookies from that subdomain.

We apoligize for the issues, and apoligize especially for making you jump through hoops to solve the issue for us. Thanks for bearing with us, and enjoy Azzor!

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Default Re: Issue with forum cookies fixed

I tried to logging on my "Flak" account but couldnt, i put in my email adress to get my account details and am send my old account from Wow.strat, so now i dunno if i can loggin with what :S

and it seems my postcount might have been kept or switched? anyway i want "Flak" back and not this one :P
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