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Azzor Senior Member
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Default Video Card

My video card exploded, and I need some suggestions for a new one (Eanne, Lep, Biz, and whomever else knows more about computers than I do).

My system is about three years old and was modern at the time; my old card was an nVidea 8800gts (the gtx was the top of the then). I've got 2 gigs of memory and don't run anything more graphically intensive than wow.

Any newegg links that I should peruse? Looking to spend about $175-250, maybe a bit more if that's important.

Thanks guys.
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Azzor Junior Member
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Default Re: Video Card

I'm a long time Nvida guy but I finally went ATI for the price, it is outstanding! Check out the 4000 ATI series!
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Default Re: Video Card

Yep, ATI has great prices.
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