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Azzor Newcomer
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Default 24 hour clock

We do like the real world, 24-hour clock system and while things can always change in a Beta Testing environment, this looks like it's going to remain.


We are planning to have many different time zone specific servers for people to choose from.



Good to see that Blizzard is not giving in to the people who can only play at certain times a day because they have a life. /sarcasm

I have read many things about the beta and numerous players have said that there are things that are only at a certain time a day. Pyrewood is the thing they mention the most.

I really don't understand Blizzard's reasoning. Giving multiple timezones reasons is not going to solve the issue for players with a real life and a real job. It will only divide players from different timezones who were previously playing together in other MMOs. They might even stick with the server that is further away from them and completely making the 24 hour cycle useless.

When I first heard of this feature many months ago, I knew it was going to stay. I had no trust in Blizzard to change it and I unfortunately I have been right. This actually does screw roleplayers and players with a real family life and job.

I am really disappointed in Blizzard keeping this feature as is. This will just mean that a lot of people will only experience half of the world's graphical content and some spawns (which do even differ in level too).
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Azzor Guru
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I think the REAL reason behind this is a little deeper. My theory is that the clock used to time day & night is the same clock used in every other aspect of the game. If they speed it up or slow it down, they would have to re-code something regarding every spell or buff or ability which relies on a timer.

I think it really sucks to be honest, I seldom see night time in game. I would really trust this to be one area where Blizzard has made a bad programming decision.
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Azzor Enthusiast
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I think that fact that you Stoneguard with your quote...

"...Because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring?"

...responding to this 24 hour clock cycle is pretty damn funny. I mean I guess the sun won't be rising or setting for most folks hehehe.

I think that you are correct in that there might be some troublesome coding issue. Its a shame I think. I suppose I could just play early on my days off to see things in a different light. /snicker

Seriously your cam man. Uh Beta cam BETA CAM!....ahem.
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I got a question for testers.

How's the sunrise/sunset?
Beatiful? Like real life?
Worth getting on at 6 in the morning to see the sun rise on the game?
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I can hardly tell the difference between night and day unless I look at the sky. I don't know why this is an issue at all really.
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Azzor Senior Member
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The reason it is/could be an issue is like an above poster posted, Some things might/could only happen at certain times in game.

So for an example of a person who gets home from school/work at the same time every day, they will ALWAYS be the same time. So if you get home at 3pm your time and it's 3pm your time in game, and the quest your on says that Larry the Early Worm only spawns at 5am, you MUST wait 14 hours and get in game at 5am just to get that quest done.

I am not a beta tester and nor do I play one on TV, but in the Night Elves Night meld only worked... At night. So if there is this skill in the game you can be seriously hampered by being a day time player.

Thanks for your time.

Ed Gruberman
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Send a message via AIM to Xplicist

Im not to fond of it, even though im not a tester. it sounds stupid.
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Azzor Newcomer
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Originally posted by Thelvadyen
I can hardly tell the difference between night and day unless I look at the sky. I don't know why this is an issue at all really.
I think it will be a real issue for roleplayers. Someone who sleeps at night can forget to roleplay a nocturnal character such as a Night Elf. When there is only one roleplaying server, the populace will wake up at 7 pm. It just kills the immersion of roleplaying.

A 24 hour clock just forces you to see the same thing every day. It doesn't matter if the night time is not so dark. It does matter that we are being forced to see the same thing every day and never see any difference in the world unless we schedule our real life around the game and that is basically what they will make some of us do this way.

And how about someone who can never see the daylight because they can only play at night? Yea play on another server in a different zone without your guild, just so to be able to see daylight for once.

I think it is real bad decission of Blizzard to make spells reliable on a real world clock like that, that could have been coded way better. I really do believe that there will be people who will not play this game because of this reason. Especially because there actually is content for certain times in the day. I for one am really not willing to set my alarmclock to just to be able to experience something else. I already play till 3 am at night and since I am a European playing on an American server with friends I will simply never see a change.
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