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Old 06-27-2006, 02:50 PM   #1
Azzor Newcomer
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Default Questions about WoW exploration :P

i have seen lots of videos and i got mad with exploration ! can someone tell me how to go to hyal ( the place in the crazy frog video with the things that have red light on them ) . also can u tell me how some guys made videos with dranei and blood elves ? ( the dance videos ) cause as i know burning crusade is not in the shops yet ( in europe at least )....
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Azzor Newcomer
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Default Re: Questions about WoW exploration :P

To do the deadmines secret you must be a amage and blink through the loading portal and then run around the corner and BAM ur there happy hacking!
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Default Re: Questions about WoW exploration :P

I˙ve seen a video how to come to Hyjal. If i find it i will post it here,
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