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Originally posted by -Rayne-
Blizzard had no problems balancing chars. Just leave it to them. I trust they will do all the chars just. As for opinions, we can always refer to games like errmmm, WC3? Hate to burst your bubble, but i prefer to see it when its confirmed. So I dont get dissapointed see? But thats just me.
but the devs go to fan site to see what people want. if we say a good idea for troll bonuses they may use it.
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I think humans will do nicely as rogues. I have a feeling you'll be needing that intelligence to work locks and shit like that. In any event, just because it is a rogue forum, does not mean he can't limit the question to alliance rogues? There is no pure 'alliance' forum, only racial forums. This thread was meant for alliance rogues.. perfectly acceptable in my opinion.
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anything said at this point would put merely what ever people are making up. there is no way to say that x_race will have greater stat than y_race.

the only safe assumption at this point is tauren will have high str.

stats shouldn't be that dissproportionate at the beginning of the game. if there is a ridiculous amount of unbalance between the races, blizzard will address this during beta.
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Seems to me the original post was pondering whether or not there would be race based advantages for a Rogue, in this case between the Dwarf, Gnome, Human and NE.

He's considering Str and Dex/Agility. Both of which will factor in alot in determining a good Rogue.

I'm still not sure if WoW will use race in determining effectiveness of a given class. If Dex is a high priority then it would seem that a Dwarf wouldn't make the best of Rogues. Dwarves are stout, hardy, constitution based folks. Make great tanks. This is ofcourse assuming that stats like Dex/Str/Con etc will determine how well a specific race can excell in a given class.

I kinda hope it's more about how you spec your skills as you level up and not about race. If your race can be that class, then let it be about the way you build while leveling.

--Just my 2 copper
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For rouges i think that the humans will all have about base stats, as he said dwarfs will have the highest str and con (in allience races) then the gnomes will probally have bonuses in dex and wis or intel not sure. As for ne they will have bonuses in dex and the other one that gnomes dont have, im guessing intel.
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