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Default Re: Worgen Alliance?

Originally Posted by Bizzam View Post
Oh, and in addition they can be druids...

Prepare for Worgen Druids to be the next Blood Elf Paladin when it comes to disrupting server balance.
I know, right?

What's more disturbing to me, though, are all the Druid Trolls were going to see runnign around. At least Worgens somewhat resemble Tauren... but Trolls? Ok they may have been Elves at one point, but come on... Troll durids... Rly?

TBH though, well IMO anyway, the Goblin race looks much cooler then the Worgens. The goblins just look so damn sneaky and fierce, the worgens on the other hand, look a little like... friendly mutts. =/ Then again, they are an alliance race I guess.
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