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Default Re: What's going on?

Originally Posted by Ivaron
Looking at Storm still using the Wowstrat account, but with a namechange, I'd say they're still merged. That and my signature and stuff is still my old ones. In that case, I can imagine some accounts would still need some adjustment.
What I don't understand, however, is how "Flak Dragonhoof" could override "Flak".. the names aren't even the same.. Same goes for Storm...? (who also apparently lost her mod rights?)

I'm certain this will be fixed in no time. <-- Happy now, Metziel?
Ai, strange things are happening at this moment Ivaron-san. Me must not fear the rage of the old Warcraftstrategy spirits. Replacement tactics are no further use to them now, we have seen trough thanks to Volon-sensai and Metziel-sensai. Yet, Storm-chan has been demoted, and we all fear for her to permanently lose her moderator abilities, and never becomming a sensai again.
Yes my dear friends, hard times are looking upon us. The wrath of the spirits has just begun.

*gets back out of his silly trance*

Well, things will fall together one way or another.
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