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Default Blizzard: are you right?

I was addicted to WOW, and played with every free moment I have. WOW ever made me relex from the annoying real world and gain strong feeling of accomplishment. But now, i am so disappointed with it. Lots of people are buying gold that led to unfair competition. Many players complaint it and blizzard has taken many actions to against wow gold selling sites like,, and so on. I was cheerful for Blizzard action which I supposed to be right. Bans are necessary to keep the online gaming space fair, but I think that Blizzard might not be paying enough attention to who they are banning. I have several wow accounts banned by Blizzard without reason. I have made many telephones and wrote letters to Blizzard to get my accounts back, but without any reply. They said my accounts were suspected to join activities of buying and selling gold. I didnot do that...
Blizzard says account ban is effective and necessary action to stop gold farming/buying/selling and indeed has shown their strong determination, but wow gold seller like,, they are still selling gold and have enough gold to deliver. Instead, my accounts were banned...
a look at any of the many public WoW forums reveals no shortage of postings from players complaining that they had been banned and asking for help. Usually, the players complain, they have had no luck getting through to Blizzard despite repeated e-mails and customer service phone calls.
The reason i post my complaint here is not to ask for help, just hope Blizzard pays more attention to their banned accounts next time. I dont want to see there are some crying victims like me.
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