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TheNarsissa 08-25-2009 12:09 PM

Noobsauce Help!
Okay my guild is suckering me into making videos, and this site looks really cool too. Now I just have to get started. Here are my noob questions...forgive me if they outdated...I am old.

1. Video Capture - FRAPS? Really? Still? Is there nothing better? I want this stuff to be the highest possible quality for upload to YouTube, guild forums and wherever...maybe even here if I get lucky =).

2. Video Editing Software - I know Premier is that any good for this stuff? Havent opened it in ages. I run vista and thought I came across an editor once but I cant find it. Thinking as simply as possible, any reccomendations for Software? Free is better than not free, although not a complete fail.

3. Audio editing, for say, narration. I run Audition, with Premier, any other reccomendations?

Most of this stuff will end up on YouTube to host my guilds videos and accomplishments. Any other bits of advice for the teck, to save me a headache would be great!



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