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Ivaron 08-31-2006 08:16 PM

Gold Sellers..
Fucking hell, what's up with those idiots? First of all, of course, gold selling is bad. Second, you shouldn't buy it because there's really nothing else to WoW then getting that stuff yourself. Once you do, it's game over.
But what I really want to discuss is the stupidness of these threads. I can't even understand what some of these guys are talking about. It's completely irrelevant information, stupidly 'disguised' adds from people with 1 post, 'take our word for it (and be deceived)' cons, or other irregularities.
In fact, these irregularities are starting to become more and more regular, to the point that I'm starting to get pissed off even looking at the 'new posts' section. It's rediculous. It's not so much the gold selling scheme as the stupidity of the guys making these threads that bothers me.
I mean, who the hell do they think they're fooling here with messages written like this:

"omgz i think you want game, wow be best of best, real life cna b boring, that why u want play game, but 2 play game good u want good itms me think, yes? Well hs good qulity srvice 4u, u buy itms there!"

Seriously, what the fuck is up with these lunatics?! They shouldn't even be permitted access into society that's how dumb they are.

Anyway, my suggestion would be to create some kind of word filter where if someone wants to make a thread about 'gold' 'selling' or something similar they just can't. Or something that has all known shitty sites like that in it's memory and won't permit you to make a link to it, or whatever.. Something has to be done about it, it's bothering the hell out of me.

JayD 08-31-2006 10:16 PM

Re: Gold Sellers..
Yeah, all of these ads are just stupid.

Erunno 09-01-2006 02:30 AM

Re: Gold Sellers..
I say: ZOMG, we need some kind of security registering.

MaTT2011 09-01-2006 09:32 PM

Re: Gold Sellers..
Yah, the advertising is becoming tiresome....and to be honest i dont even understand why they choose to do it with such frequency on OUR forums.

Its not as though are forums are "huge" or anything; the audience here is not large enough to warrant such guerrilla type advertising. Even if there were 5 million people on the forums at any given time the effectiveness of the advertising would still be....well, incredibly ineffective! Why? Because anyone who enjoy's WoW enough to talk about it in a forum like this one isnt going to cheat themselves, blizzard and everyone else by buying such products (gold)!!

But i do agree that we need to devise some sort of alternative security to combat this annoying advertising. And thats all it is; annoying. Its not really a "problem" because it takes just a minute to rid the forums of such things by manually removing them....its just an annoying thing to have to do. :p

herbert 09-02-2006 08:56 AM

Re: Gold Sellers..
they are getting agressive lately
on Argent Dawn - EU I regulary see bots advertizing a gold site in IF, and I'm getting ingame mails on a regulary base with adds for gold.

Ivaron 09-02-2006 10:39 AM

Re: Gold Sellers..
My point exactly, MaTT. I don't see how it's worth advertising on this site. We're probably just put in some sort of list of sites they frequent, and those lists are probably used for multiple different types of those ploys.

But like you say, it's just annoying. And it can give people the wrong idea about this site.

Ivaron 09-07-2006 07:23 AM

Re: Gold Sellers..
Goddamnit, get the hell out of this thread!

Erunno 09-07-2006 10:57 AM

Re: Gold Sellers..
What the hell is he typing O_o

Everybody out of the topic! Theres a bomb in it! :D

JayD 09-07-2006 03:18 PM

Re: Gold Sellers..
Looks like he used a thesaurus ;)

Ivaron 09-07-2006 04:56 PM

Re: Gold Sellers..
Hahaha, I was replying to some advertiser of viagra or whatever (don't really remember), who had said something above my post.

Apparently his post got deleted, so now it does seem that I'm coming out of the blue screaming 'goddamnit, get the hell out of this thread!' there ^^

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